Alzheimer's drug trial success

Following the success of early research results of Anavex 2-73, a drug which aims to address the symptoms of dementia, Alfred Health is looking to continue a larger trial next year. 

The first phase of the trial began in December 2014 and although in its early stages, some promising patient results have emerged. 

Director of Aged Psychiatry at Caulfield Hospital and study lead, Associate Professor Steve Macfarlane said unlike current medications, Anavex is the only drug designed to both relieve symptoms and slow the disease’s progression.

"Existing drug treatments for Alzheimer’s target a patient’s symptoms, but do not halt or cure the disease.  New trials are focusing on being able to modify the disease’s progression." 

Professor Macfarlane said the next steps of the trial would involve further research with a larger group of participants. 

“In order to definitively demonstrate the benefits of the drug, the next phase of the trial will involve a study with many more patients. Such a study is in the planning phase, and is hoped to commence in 2017.”

Alfred Health is not recruiting for Anavex trials currently, however there are a number of clinical trial options available to people diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease.  

To be eligible, patients should have early-stage Alzheimer’s and be on the cognitive enhancer, Aricept.   

Questions about trial participation can be directed to Caulfield Hospital Age Psychiatry clinical trials at