Alfred Health celebrates the power of change


On Wednesday, 16 March Alfred Health will join health services worldwide by taking part in the growing social movement, Change Day.

Change Day is a grassroots campaign aimed to get people working in health and community care as well as hospital patients and their loved ones to change things that can make a big difference.

Alfred Health CEO Prof Andrew Way is supporting 2016 Change Day this year, by pledging to: "ensure that more of what we do is about helping people stay healthy and out of hospital."

You can join Andrew’s pledge on the Change Day website, or make your own pledge to make a difference in the sector.

Here’s how:

  • Think of something you want to change to benefit your work or the wellbeing of others
  • Visit the Change Day website and make a pledge
  • Share your pledge
  • Tell five people about it

Why get involved?

  • You've got an idea you think will make things better an you're ready to share it
  • You've got a change happening and you need support
  • You want to help others

Need to know more

Visit the Change Day website.