Let me know if something isn’t right

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Let me know is a safety program for patients, families and carers who notice concerning changes in a patient's medical condition. It is an important way of involving patients and families in our Alfred Health care team.

As part of the team, we want you to tell us when something is ‘not quite right'. As a patient, this might be a change in how you feel, look or behave. As a family member or carer you may notice these types of changes before they become obvious to medical and nursing staff.  

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"Families know their loved ones best, and the let me know program is a way for patients and their families to escalate care if they are worried changes have developed," clinical service director Mandy Sandford said.

"We know from lessons learnt in Australia as well as overseas that patients and their families can often detect subtle changes in the patient's medical condition, often before they are clinically evident.

"Providing another way for patients and their families to let us know, casts our safety net even further."

Let me know is available at our three hospitals The Alfred, Sandringham Hospital and Caulfield Hospital.

If you notice a significant change in your own health or that of your loved one, then let me know

  • talk to your nurse
  • talk your doctor
  • talk to the nurse in charge

Still concerned? Call the let me know hotline - 1800 901 445

If you have feedback or questions regarding let me know, please email letmeknow@alfred.org.au