Caulfield doctors develop Alzheimer’s flag system for early diagnosis


Caulfield Hospital specialists have developed a three-flag warning system to help people distinguish between memory loss due to normal ageing and forgetfulness from Alzheimer's Disease that warrants medical attention.

Associate Professor Stephen Macfarlane says the delay from when people first start noticing symptoms to when they are diagnosed is too great.

"Alzheimer's is the biggest fear in people aged 70 and older, outweighing the fear of cancer," says A/Prof Macfarlane.  "It is something people don't necessarily want to think about, so they push their concerns to the side."

"There are ways we can help treat Alzheimer's now, with different medications and clinical trials. We can achieve substantial better outcomes now with an early diagnosis.   

"Our three flags system is to help get people diagnosed earlier," says A/Prof Macfarlane.  "Family and loved ones can use the simple three flags to see if medical help is needed and then take action such as visiting your local GP.

If you are worried about a loved one or yourself, please click here to view the flags.

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer's Disease and would like to register for a clinical trial please contact Mr Michael Kornhauser on 9076 6110, or Paul Cortissos 9076 4004,