Sandy babies and celebrating 50th


To celebrate Sandringham Hospitals 50th birthday, women who work and birthed at Sandy joined together to celebrate their unique connection with the community hospital. 

These included a number of Sandringham Hospital staff members, who had enough trust in their workplace to give birth there.

Maternity manager Kay Kurth has worked at Sandringham Hospital for 38 years. She chose to have all three of her children at the hospital.

"Being a midwife at the time, I felt I knew what to expect with my births and although there were some surprises, I enjoyed birthing my babies at Sandringham," Kay said.

"Friends thought I was crazy to choose my workplace, but a community hospital is something really personal and special, and I was thrilled to have access to it."

Clinical midwife specialist Barb Cook has worked at the hospital for over 20 years and had her son at Sandy in 1970.

"The benefit of a community hospital is that there is a smaller number of staff, so we all know each other," Barb said.

  • From 1964 - 2014, there have been almost 50,000 births at Sandy.
  • 2013 was the year of highest births at Sandy, with 1520 babies coming into the world.