New ICU: Latest of the latest


 Australia’s sickest patients are being cared for in one of the largest and most advanced facilitates in the country, since patients moved into The Alfred's new ICU on 25 November. “We already have the most dedicated, highly skilled staff and this breathtaking, state of the art facility means that The Alfred will provide the very best that intensive care can offer”, ICU Director Carlos Scheinkestel said. “Our ICU will continue to save Victorians’ lives well into the 21st century.”  “Every part of this facility is 'the latest of the latest' and has been designed to deal with everything the 21st century may deal us, including bio-terrorism.” There are so many things that make it special, including the “open” feel, more than half the cubicles being enclosed and the use of 100 per cent fresh air without recirculation. A large number of innovative infection control measures have been installed, the use of switchable glass, the extensive use of natural light, diffuse lighting, patient lifting hoists and a high tech cleaning area are other features.  “The cubicle design has been built to handle the undeniably most complex patient mix in the country; including heart and lung transplants, artificial hearts, burns, major trauma and highly infectious patients,” Chief Executive, Jennifer Williams said. “It is certainly the most high tech facility of this type that I have seen and I congratulate all our hard working staff for their enthusiasm over the last three years to get it built.  “It is a great asset for the Victorian health system. It is a facility of which The Alfred can be enormously proud,” Jennifer said.